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Sep 3, 2018

It’s been quite the season and we’ve covered a lot of topics. Sex. Family. Romance. Gay Sex. So we decided it would be worth taking a step back and discussing what we learned, what we want to clarify, and what we want to explore further. This is the first of a two part episode where we talk about our first five episodes. It’s a great conversation.



Assumptions is sponsored by ATB Financial (this week we highlight their Entrepreneur Centre), LitFest Alberta, (get a discount with the coupon code APNrocks)  and the Alberta Podcast Network (this week we told you about Kyle’s new show Creative Block).


Show Notes:

Our first episode, We Are Family, can be found here:

Daniel alludes to Kyle’s conversation about legacy on our first season here:

Daniel mentions the movie The Master (

Our conversation with Barry Danylak also gets alluded to:

Daniel spoils (but highly recommends) the movie Paterson (

Daniel also mentions Andy Crouch’s book, The Tech Wise Family (

Our second episode, Let’s Talk About Sex,  can be found here:

As promised, here is the infamous Monty Python sex education scene:

Our third episode, I Am What I Am, can be found here:

We talk about the controversy around the TV show Roseanne (

Kyle discusses the movie Crazy Rich Asians (

Daniel mentions the movie The Big Sick (

Our fourth episode, Christians Are Bigots?, can be found here: Daniel’s apology/ clarification can be found at the beginning of Episode 6:

Kyle mentions the movie Eighth Grade ( and Bo Burnham’s song “From God’s Perspective” (

Our fifth episode, I’m Going to Die Alone, can be found here:



Assumptions is written and produced by Daniel Melvill Jones and Kyle Marshall.

This episode edited by Kyle Marshall.

Our soundtrack comes from The Parson Red Heads.

Podcast artwork designed by Chris Taniguchi.

Photography by Josh Boak

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