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Mar 5, 2018

What is the purpose of sex? Is it an act shot through with meaning and consequence, or is it just for pleasure? How does it affect our identity? When and with whom should it be done? Is sex good? How does this apply to Christians and how does it apply to the LGBQ+ community? Kyle and Daniel bravely work their way through a discussion of these weighty matters.


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Show Notes:

At the beginning of the episode, we heard from Joy Beth Smith, Barry Danylak, Lish Veldhuijzen, Nick Taniguchi (who mentioned the YouTube channel sexplanations) and Rabbi Seth Goldstein.. Our full length interviews with these and other guests will be released as episodes towards the end of this season.  

Daniel quoted from (and highly recommends) the delightful book The Supper of the Lamb: A Culinary Reflection by the late Robert Farrar Capon. 

Kyle mentioned a YouTube video that compares consent to having tea. Here it is.

Kyle told the story of the first time he had sex. He also made a video about it. Here it is.

Daniel mentioned a scene in Terrence Malik’s film on the proper place for love, To the Wonder. The scene features a woman having an affair with a man to whom she is not married, and the scene gives the act with a devastating weight of consequence.

Kyle mentions the film Titanic

Kyle mentions the book The ABCs of LGBT+.

A couple times during this episode, we mention Wesley Hill, a guest of our podcast, who describes himself as a celibate gay. Our interview with him will be published as bonus episode later in the season. Wesley has written two books highly relevant to our season; Washed and Waiting: Reflections on Christian Faithfulness and Homosexuality and Spiritual Friendship: Finding Love in the Church as a Celibate Gay Christian.

Daniel mentions an illustration by Manhattan pastor Timothy Keller

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Assumptions is written and produced by Daniel Melvill Jones and Kyle Marshall.

This episode edited by Kyle Marshall and Josh Boak.

Our soundtrack comes from The Parson Red Heads.

Podcast artwork designed by Chris Taniguchi.

Photography by Josh Boak


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