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Dec 10, 2017

It’s been a long time since you’ve heard from us at Assumptions. While we continue to prepare our second season, we’re releasing a short series of bonus episodes. It’s Daniel’s turn to interview Kyle and learn about his enterprising plans to start a new business dedication to content creation. This being Assumptions, the conversation included discussions on uncertainty, and confidence, mental health, and the kind of legacy we hope to leave.


Assumptions is sponsored by ATB Financial’s Entrepreneur Centre and the Alberta Podcast Network. We also mention another Alberta Podcast Network show dedicated to stories, Makeshift Stories. 


Show Notes 

Kyle’s new content creation company is Media Lab YYC. If you’re in Calgary and you want help in creating audio or video content, this is your place.

Our Season 1 Episode on legacy and why we create is relevant to our conversation and also happens to be one of our favorite episodes.

Daniel described C. S. Lewis’ seminal essay “The Inner Ring.” You should definitely read it.

Kyle mentioned the new Pixar film Coco. And Kyle being Kyle, he created a video detailing his experience watching the film.

Kyle and Daniel were recently interviewed by Rebecca Florence Miller for Patheos Evangelical. We are pretty happy with how this interview turned out. 



Assumptions is written and produced by Daniel Melvill Jones and Kyle Marshall.

This episode edited by Kyle Marshall.

Our soundtrack comes from The Parson Red Heads, whose new acclaimed album, Blurred Harmony, is available everywhere. 

Podcast artwork designed by Chris Taniguchi.

Photography by Jen Hall


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