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Jun 11, 2018

After tackling dating and marriage in our previous episodes, Kyle and Daniel begin a two-part conversation on loneliness, singleness, community, and friendship. In a culture where singleness is increasingly common, what place is their for singles? What does culture say about this, compared to the storyline of the Bible?...

May 28, 2018

This episode begins with Daniel clarifying a few things that were misunderstood in Episode 4: Christians Are Bigots. We then get some updates about Daniel’s relationship and how it reflects his worldview. This is followed by a discussion of marriage. Does Kyle value it? What is the Christian vision for marriage? Is...

May 14, 2018

In our second Season Two bonus episode, we talk to author and editor Joy Beth Smith about the frustrations of dating as a Christian and her insights into sexuality and what it means to be human. This was a fun and enlightening conversation. We hope you enjoy it!


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May 1, 2018

In our first bonus episode of Season Two, we interview scholar and author Wesley Hill. We are really excited to share this conversation with our listeners.



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Apr 16, 2018

Let’s talk about dating! Kyle and Daniel have slightly different approaches and very different experiences. They talk about their stories, their priorities, and how these differences affect their perspectives on this often emotionally tumultuous approach. 



Assumptions is sponsored by ATB...